A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists proudly supplies the commercial and residential locals of the Greater Salt Lake City, Utah with a variety of cleaning services. We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide you with an authentic professional cleaning service. Since 1983, A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists not only delivers superior cleaning services, but we also uphold high moral standards and family-friendly customer service. With the aid of top grade products and equipment, A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists professionals enhance our skills and expertise for the ultimate in clean.

Cleaning Services Offered

A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists cleaning services for residential and commercial needs across Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas are far reaching. Our services include Janitorial Services, House Cleaning, Housekeeping and Maid Services. All of our cleaning services are delivered with consistent crisp, thorough, and fast efficiency. We hope to offer Move In/ Move Out Cleaning, Construction Cleaning and Special Event Cleaning again soon.

Janitorial Services

A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists janitorial services for your commercial business in Greater Salt Lake City, UT are a dependable and effective resource. Our goal is to give your business a thorough clean, sanitized, and deodorized achievement. Our skilled professionals are experienced and trained to execute fast and meticulous janitorial duties. We want to help ensure your staff and clients are comfortable with their surroundings and to ensure your professional image is not flawed with a filthy establishment.

Maid Services

A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists maid services are designed for both commercial and residential customers. We can make any home or business impressively clean from ceiling to floor and everything in between. Our specialists consistently conduct our maid services with diligence and fortitude, so that your home or business is cleaned beyond your expectations.

Housekeeping Services

A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists housekeeping service for your residential home in Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding areas is geared to aid you in your housekeeping duties. Our team of trained specialists continues to conduct a maximum quality of cleaning. Our housekeeping service is optimal for folks who can’t afford the time, do not possess the physical ability, or simply lack the desire. A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists housekeeping service can assist you in keeping your home clean, sanitized, and deodorized.

Custom Cleaning Services in Murray, Sandy, South Jordan & Greater Salt Lake City, Utah

No matter the cleaning service you need for your home or business in the Greater Salt Lake City, Utah area, A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists has decades of experience with a positive reputation to be your “go to” cleaning company. To reach A-1 Co. Cleaning Specialists conveniently and quickly, keep out contact information stored in your phone for future services. Call us today to get started on one of our cleaning packages today.

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